Aug 23, 2015

Math About Me Project

A math project I like to engage students in at the beginning of the school year is a project where students get to know each other by presenting numbers that are important in their lives.  You can have them share and present their math numbers in many different ways.  One way is by having them create a Google Slides presentation such as the one below.  You can also have them create a poster on construction paper.

Here is a link to the written directions.  Feel free to copy and edit as you wish.

I have students present their information to the class, and I grade them on following the directions, neatness, and their oral presentation.  Here is a Rubric that I created on, a free website for creating and saving rubrics.  I also created a Google Form from the rubric and formatted a Spreadsheet so it will add up the grades and format them different colors.  So! Much! Fun!

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