Aug 30, 2015


A long time ago I went to an after-school seminar on behavior management strategies.  One of the best tools I took away from that seminar was HOMEWORKOPOLY!  Homeworkopoly is a motivating and positive way for keeping students on track.  There are so many ways to use Homeworkopoly, but I will tell you how I've used it.

First you can download the game board and the Chance and Community Lunchbox cards from the Homeworkopoly website (click link above).  First, you print the Homeworkopoly board.  It will be about 10 pages long.  And then you cut it out and put it together to look like this:

I always take a big piece of white butcher paper, lay out the pieces of the game board, and then glue the pieces on the butcher paper with glue stick.  Then I fold the game board in half and laminate it so the front side is the side getting laminated.  Then I buy some stick-on Velcro, and I place two squares of Velcro on each space of the game board.

For playing pieces, since we were the Jaguars, I found an image of a safari hat and resized it, printed enough plus extras for my class on card stock, laminated them, and put a square of Velcro on the back so they would stick to the game board.  I labeled each playing piece with each student's name.

Now, not only do you have a behavior management piece in place, but you can also place the game board on your wall!  Then whenever you decide to play Homeworkopoly, you can take it down.  And it will last all year long.  At the end of the year, I always raffle off the game board, or give it to a chosen student.  Lots of "awwwws" from the students who don't win it.

Next, you will want to create your Chance and Community Lunch Box cards. The Homeworkopoly site gives you Chance and Community Lunchbox cards, and they also give you blank ones so you can create your own. I used some of theirs, but I have created a lot of my own.  My students have also given me many great suggestions over the years for other rewards to put on the cards.  Some of the favorite rewards I have used on the cards have been 15 minutes of free iPad time or computer time, being an office helper (I coordinated this with our office manager), using the teacher's chair for a day, and reading to a buddy class. After you have created and laminated your Chance and Community Lunchbox cards, you are ready to play!

Here is how I managed Homeworkopoly:  I only played Homeworkopoly once a week, on Fridays.  All students who did not sign the behavior/homework log for the week would get a turn on Homeworkopoly.  It would take my class 30 minutes to an hour to let each student get a turn. I would teach my two teacher assistants how to run it, and after they got the hang of it, they did it all on their own.  Then as the teacher assistants changed, I would have the prior teacher assistants teach the new assistants how to run it.  Last year, I even was able to get a parent to manage it, and it was great!

During recess on Fridays, I would take down the board and set the game up on a table with the dice and the Chance and Community Lunchbox cards.  I would also provide them with a class list of the students earning Homeworkopoly for the week, and I also made a checklist of the rewards they could earn on Homeworkopoly, so if a student earned that reward, the assistants would just place their name by the reward.  That way, you are not interrupted each time a student earns a reward.  I gave all rewards later in the day when I had time, or even the next week.

The two assistants running the game would call one student at a time for their turn; otherwise, too many students would be crowded around the board.  It would get quite noise during Homeworkopoly time, but, hey, my classroom is always a noisy one!  Usually during Homeworkopoly, I would put students on a math program such as Dreambox, TenMarks, or another math app, and I would pull small groups of students who needed some extra support or remediation on math concepts.

You'll notice on the Homeworkopoly board that not all spaces have a reward, so if a student landed on one of those spaces, they would get a Golden Ticket, and if they received 5 Golden Tickets, they would get a principal's signature (another highly sought-out reward).  Another great thing about Homeworkopoly is that you get to make up all the rules because you are the teacher!

If you have any questions or need a better explanation of ways to use Homeworkopoly, feel free to ask me!

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