Aug 21, 2015

Learning Styles Inventory

Every year during the first week of school, I give my students a Learning Styles Inventory that determines if students are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners. The students love finding out what type of learners they are.  After I assess the students, I make posters for the classroom that I can leave up all school year.  I have used this learning styles inventory for many years, and I can't even remember where I found it, probably through an Internet search. This year, I have transformed the paper document into a Google Form!  Feel free to copy and use this as you wish. Please note that with younger students, the assessment may need to be read aloud, and certain questions and answer choices will need to be explained as there is higher-level vocabulary contained within the assessment.

You can click HERE to access the Learning Styles Inventory

*I set this link so you can make a copy of the form for yourself. If you want to see the live form, click on "View Live Form" in the tool bar.

Now on to the spreadsheet that the form will create.  After your students have finished answering the questions, a spreadsheet will automatically be created from the answers.  You can also customize your spreadsheet as I have done at this link:

You can determine what type of learner a student is by the way they answer the questions.  If a student has mostly "A" answers, then they are considered a Visual Learner.  If a student has mostly "B" answers, then they are considered an Auditory Learner.  If a student has mostly "C" answers, then they are considered a Kinesthetic Learner.

Back to the spreadsheet I created, I placed conditional formatting on the answers that the students will choose. Every time a student chooses "A," the cell will turn red for visual; choosing "B" will turn the cell blue for auditory, and choosing "C" will turn the cell green for kinesthetic.  I also wanted to insert a format to add up the row colors to determine which color appeared most frequently, but I don't know how to do that, nor could I find any add-ons or other search information that would tell me how to do this.  So I just did the calculating part myself.  

Then I added another sheet to house the answer keys, and this sheet could be shared with the students so they could click on the learner types and read about their characteristics.

I hope you consider giving this a try in your classroom at the beginning of the year. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve my form or spreadsheet, and feel free to copy and use what I have created.

Thanks to @LaurieAnastacio, the spreadsheet has been formatted to count the As, Bs, and Cs so you can determine a student's learning style right away!  Once your students complete the form, you would have to drag the formatting down the columns.

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