Sep 13, 2015


Have you ever heard of Thinglink? is a website where you can make images interacttive.  You can take a photo - the thing - and make it interactive with videos, text, audio, and documents - the link! Just imagine all the ways you can use Thinglink in your classroom! You can also create a free teacher account so you can add students, and they can join with a class code. can also search for other Thinglinks that have already been created, and if you like them, you can share them and use them!

Here is a Thinglink that I created for teachers who want to know more about some iPad apps you can use in the classroom:

Here is a Thinglink that I found when searching the keyword "education."  This teacher created an entire lesson on endangered animals using Thinglink.

Thinglink also has a blog, and here is a link to a post about how to use Thinglink in your classroom: Build Your Thinglink Classroom.

Isn't Thinglink cool?

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