Sep 27, 2015

Get Ready for El Nino!

With all the news about the upcoming monster El Nino, I thought I'd provide you with two really cool rainy day schedule ideas to add to your database of ideas.

Numero Uno:

Go Noodle.  Are you ready?  To what?  To pop.  Pop what?  Pop See Ko! (My favorite!)  Okay.  I know you already know how to Go Noodle in class, but did you know Go Noodle has indoor recess videos?  There are 10 indoor recess videos from 7 to 19 minutes long that will keep your students moving and motivated! I used some of these videos in my class last year on rainy days, and the kids really liked them!

Numero Dos:

Quiver Vision.  You're gonna love this!  (Thanks for showing me this, Adina!) Quiver is an example of augmented reality.  What is augmented reality, you ask?  According to, "Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with live video or the user's environment in real time. Basically, AR takes an existing picture and blends new information into it. One of the first commercial applications of AR technology is the yellow first downline in televised football games."

Quiver has free pictures that you can print out for your students to color.  Then using the iPad/iPhone/Android app, you can bring that picture to life!  Watch the video below to see how it works:

My favorite pictures are the Murphy and Friends soccer one where you can actually guide the lamb to kick the soccer ball into the net, and you totally have to check out Pudsey's 3D Doodle Disco! There are also coloring pictures that you could also use to fit into your curriculum.

So hopefully these two ideas will help to keep your students happy and busy during the upcoming rainy day schedules of El Nino!

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