Jan 19, 2016

Multi-Media Text Sets

Do you have a collection of online resources that you would like to share with your students?  Well, one way to make a convenient document containing resources and tasks for students to view and complete is by creating a multi-media text set.  I learned about multi-media text sets while I was reading in the Google for Education Training Center.  A multi-media text set is simply a Google Doc that you can share that contains links to videos and websites that you would like your students to visit.  Also contained on the multi-media text set is a list of activities you would like students to complete.  For example, you can have the students make their own copy of the multi-media text set and have them type answers to questions that you ask them.  You could also link other Google Docs for students to type on, or you could also link Google Forms for students to fill out.  There are many ways that you could create multi-media text sets.

Here is an example of a multi-media text set that I have created on Martin Luther King, Jr.  Feel free to make a copy of the document to use or modify. You can get very creative with multi-media text sets. Entire lessons could be created on one Google Doc and shared and copied on Google Classroom.  The ideas are pretty much endless! Multi-media text sets make it much easier for students to navigate to online resources and complete tasks all in one convenient place.

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